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A workout that’s far ahead of the competition

Jezzr creates rowing-based workouts for fitness clubs and boutique gyms. We offer all the services you need to establish your own rowing studio, so you can start attracting ánd retaining members with a workout that’s far ahead of the competition.

About us

We guarantee highly effective & super engaging workouts for everyone

Born in 2019, Jezzr grew up at RowStudio Amsterdam. There, 364 days per year, Jezzr ensures full-body strength & HIIT workouts centered around team spirit.

For 4 years our team of scientists, top athletes and developers have put their knowledge and creativity into Jezzr. With the valuable feedback of the trainers and 30K+ customers, the concept was improved step by step. Now Jezzr is ready to conquer the market.

Interested? We’re happy to tell and show you more! Be a part of a new motivating workout that people come back for.

Jezzr is effective

Jezzr workouts are precision engineered. They target all muscle groups with minimal stress on the joints. Intervals on the rowing machine are alternated with smartly designed blocks of mat exercises.

A lot of attention is paid to good rowing form. To prevent injuries and to ensure that performance in terms of power, speed and distance increases significantly.

At the same time the participants burn calories, build lean muscle and boost their endurance. Most of all, they will feel proud of themselves.

Jezzr is easy

In the Jezzr Academy, we train your trainers. Once certified, they choose structured workouts from the comprehensive Jezzr Library and prepare them in minutes using the Jezzr Viewer. In the Jezzr Trainer manual they find useful Tips & Tricks.

During the workout a timeline and clear cues are displayed on the screen. Jezzr guides your customers every second of the workout, enabling your trainers to fully focus on motivating and giving personal attention.

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  • Highly effective strength & HIIT training
  • Super engaging and interactive
  • Personal performance dashboard
  • Large target group, fun and safe for all
  • Easy to prepare and teach

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